Unlimited mobile data

Before mobile phone network providers got greedy, unlimited data was pretty much standard. But when smartphone technology went full throttle, and devices like data hungry iPhones and tablets saturated the market, the unlimited data part of every mobile contract changed, became limited, disproportionately. For most people, affordable data meant a measly 1GB. Some might say the networks really cashed in. There are plenty of horror stories about people getting a bill running into the hundreds of pounds, and some up to a thousand. Sticking to home broadband was a no-brainer, there’s enough competition between providers to keep costs reasonable.

Unlimited mobile data is back, and it’s fast and affordable

And it’s about time, too. Mobile providers have buckled to pressure and the unlimited deals are coming back, albeit slowly. Though, most are offering some impressive data allowances which are much better than we’ve seen in years. Now it’s possible to stream movies and music without it costing more than a trip to the cinema. Data packages are changing all the time, but for speedy, affordable unlimited data there are two definite runners against the home Internet market: Three, and giffgaff are best for SIM only deals with internet.

Three’s ‘all-you-can-eat’ data packages offer good value, they put some other network providers to shame. There’s a choice of usage allowances ranging from 200Mb to unlimited texts, calls and Internet. Prices start at £5. Their cheapest unlimited data sim is £20.

Running on the 02 network, giffgaff’s ‘goodybag’ data deals also provide good value. Starting at £5, there’s a choice of allowances ranging from 100Mb to unlimited texts, calls and Internet. Their cheapest unlimited data offer is also £20.

How fast?

With most new devices and networks offering 4G LTE, which is three times quicker than 3G, mobile broadband can be as fast or faster than home broadband, with peak download speeds of 50Mb.
Both Three and giffgaff offer 4G at no extra cost.

Like for like costs: unlimited broadband and phone

Home broadband deals change frequently, but all major providers offer unlimited broadband and phone deals for under £25, though these are limited-time offers. Plusnet and TalkTalk, with free broadband for 12 or 18 months, cost around £17. In both cases you pay only for the line rental, both are contracts. Often, without the special offers, prices double with unlimited anytime calls. Three’s all-you-can-eat unlimited data and unlimited calls costs £30 on a 12 month contract or £33 monthly – and you get unlimited texts. giffgaff’s £20 unlimited data, texts and calls goodybag doesn’t include calls to other networks, but it’s still a great offer. If this isn’t sounding like a great deal to you just remember, choose Plusnet or TalkTalk and you’ll still have to fork out for a mobile phone contract for when you’re out of the house.


Both Three and giffgaff allow tethering. giffgaff’s tethering allowance is only 6GB, but you can buy another goodybag before the month is up and start over again. Three are the clear winners however, allowing 12GB, and their data can be used in 18 worldwide locations.

Cut the cord?

Now unlimited mobile broadband’s in the same price range as home broadband it’s certainly enough to consider cutting the cord, and the router, and those unsightly wires. And the contract!