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The greater the resolution a piece of video has, the more precise the images that it produces are.

An image recorded with a security camera that’s based on analogue technology has 0.1 megapixels, generally speaking. In contrast, high resolution security cameras are able to capture images with thirty more times the detail (resolution) than their analogue counterparts. This means that not only are high resolution cctv cameras able to capture images that are clearer, but the images they capture show a greater area.

As a result, with a high resolution cctv system you require less security cameras for coverage of a given area. For instance: a high resolution security camera is able to provide surveillance for four pumps at a gas station, whereas a security camera based on analogue technology will only be able to properly record the goings on at one.

More Benefits of A High Resolution CCTV System

On the other hand, when there’s a large network to tap into (with a vast quantity of computers) it’s far easier to handle the input from various cameras simultaneously. It’s also much easier to program automated notifications when motion is detected. In order to have this same high level of functionality with an analogue security system you’d to increase the number of centralized computers in the system, and this proves to be quite costly.

Analogue security systems usually only take care of capturing images; the processing and storage of these images has to be carried out subsequently with another centralized computer, and usually through the use of costly video management software.

This classic centralized structure doesn’t work with high resolution surveillance systems given that these systems are typically integrated with a network that has extensive bandwidth. Furthermore, a centralized computer can only process the information for so many cameras at one time.

Simply put, given their higher level of efficiency and decentralized processing, high resolution cctv is in every way preferable to centralized systems with analogue cameras. Please feel free to contact them via their website for any enquires –

When purchasing a brand new mobile device, the most pressing issue that arises is how to transfer your phonebook from a SIM-card to the memory of the device. And when you consider the fact that the vast majority of smartphones like Samsung, HTC or Sony and you can check out the Sony smartphone price online, run on Android, there are some simple nuances, which a user should know about.

It may seem that Android is a complex operating system and you may require the assistance of additional specialized applications; however, it is not so. In order to transfer contacts, a user will only need only their SIM card, an android phone and some patience.

Step-by-step manual

A simple functionality and intuitive characteristics of today’s smartphones provide a quick and easy transferring of a phone book to your mobile device. All you need to do is follow these steps:

1. Find the “Contacts” section
In order to start the import process, you will need to go to the “Contacts” section. Most often, the application icon is located at the bottom of the screen and is accessible from any desktop screen. If it is not there, then we will need to go the main menu and find the “Contacts” there among the list of other apps.

2. “Import / Export” section
Now you will need to go to the “Contacts” section of the menu. Depending on the model of your smartphone, menu options may vary slightly: there may be a special button in the interface of the section or a touch the button “Context Menu”, or the “Info Centre” button. Then, in the window that appears, a user will be presented with options, which can also vary. From the offered list, you need to click “Import / Export”.

3. Select “Import from SIM-card”
The system will offer a great assortment of options for importing data to your mobile device – a transfer from an SD-card, from the memory of the device itself, from the mailbox linked to the Google account or “Import from SIM-card” and this is what we are looking for.

4. Select the directory for the data transferred
Now you need to choose where to copy the contacts from the SIM-card – to the memory of your smartphone or you are going to use the service Google contacts. It may seem that using your smartphone as a target directory is the safest option, however, we recommend you use the Google-contacts. The advantage of using this feature will simplify the task of importing data when a user decides to purchase a brand new android phone like the latest HTC Desirefor instance. Instead of a tedious data transferring of your phonebook from a SIM cards, it will be enough to only enter your personal data of the Google account and all the data will be automatically transferred to your smartphone.

5. Copying the data
To start copying data, tick off the contacts you want to transfer and click “OK”.

Mobile phones have evolved from mere calling and texting devices to much more. A lot of people now get on the internet through their smartphones for reasons such as portability and convenience. As mobile technology continues to advance, devices nowadays are capable of so much. However, monthly internet bills can be quite hefty. The availability of unlimited data SIM plans has changed a lot of things for smartphone users. Providers now make it possible to get unlimited data without having to get a new handset with SIM plans only. These plans also offer other benefits to mobile users.

Uninterrupted Connections

It is frustrating when you are in the middle of a video on YouTube and the internet connection cuts out because you have exhausted your adapt plan. Unlimited data SIMs prevent such situations. You can do whatever you want on your phone without worrying about interrupted connection. If you are one of those people who use their smartphones for business operations, then an unlimited data plan will come in handy.

Unlimited Downloads

Unlimited SIM plans allow you to make downloads without restrictions. Some data plans place limitations on the number of downloads you can have in a day and that interferes with your experience. If you prefer downloading movies or TV series on your smartphone, then an unlimited SIM, will suit your requirement. You also get fast internet speeds, meaning less time waiting for videos to download.


Another benefit of unlimited data SIM plans is the affordability. Internet access can be costly depending on the type of device and what you use it for. Data providers offer packages that cater to different user needs. You just have to look at your data usage and determine the package that would best meet those needs. Getting data plans for specific devices is possible as well. With competition from different networks, data package offers come with affordable prices attached. Some also offer huge data limits up to 40GB per month even. If you consume data at surprising rates, then an unlimited plan is the ideal solution.

Better Browsing Experiences

Slow and limited internet can ruin a user’s experience. Unlimited data plans solve this problem. As mentioned, smartphones have become increasingly central in internet usage. From Googling to ordering food to listening to music, mobile devices do it all. Businesses have realised this and made content available on mobile. With unlimited data, you can log onto any site or app and get all the content available on a standard website. It also means you can access different services such as banking on their mobile sites or applications. Browsing is at its best.


Unlimited data SIMs offer flexibility in usage. You can use your SIM for more than one device. If you have a tablet, then an unlimited SIM can work with it. Tethering your device for Wi-Fi is also possible.

Better Access

With the increased use of internet on mobile devices, networks service providers are working harder to make their unlimited data plans more available. These plans are now spanning broader geographical areas, making them accessible to more users. Even people in remote locations can get internet access on unlimited data SIM plans. More providers also mean more options to select from when looking for a suitable plan.

When you are looking at getting a new mobile phone contract you will want to make sure that you get what you need for the best price; that includes the amount of mobile internet data usage the contract allows you before you hit extra charges.

Internet data is calculated in ‘bits’ of digital information known by its multiples as kilobytes, megabytes and gigabytes. A thousand kilobytes make one megabyte and a thousand megabytes make one gigabyte. Mobile phone contracts usually cap the amount of those that you can use each month; once you have reached that limit, additional charges will be made, unless you take out an unlimited internet use contract.

Think about how you use your phone and how often and how you use it to access the internet and internet based services. These can include surfing the web, watching television programs or movies, playing online games, downloading and/or listening to music. All of these use data. If you use your phone and the internet through it for work, for example keeping up with your email on the go, this will also increase the amount of data you use, especially if the emails you receive contain attachments such as lengthy documents. Activities use different amounts of data. Even data intensive activities such as video streaming can vary greatly depending on pixel densities. According to Netflix, watching a video for an hour uses about 300 megabytes on its lowest setting, but this shoots all the way up to 7GB per hour for its ultra HD offering (and about 3GB per hour for 1080p).

Music streaming generally costs less to stream than video, with spotifies standard quality setting using about 50 megabytes per hour, up to about 138 megabytes per hour for their highest quality setting.

What’s important to remember is that most streaming service will base the quality you receive on the speed of your connection at that time. This can result in faster 4g connections seemlingly eating through a data allowance faster than slower connections.

If you use your phone to surf the internet for an hour your data useag could vary even more, although static web pages generally use much less data than media streaming. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, interestingly, do not use up a lot of data.

If you want to think of yourself as an ‘average’ user, you will keep probably keep up with your personal emails if you are expecting something important, surf the web a little each day, and maybe use one or more social media sites. You may search the web for information when travelling, check on online auction sites and so on. For this you will not need a large amount of data.

If you already use the internet a lot and want to keep right up to date with emails and watch movies when travelling, you will need more. If you use your phone for work that will heighten your data usage.

If you took out a contract with unlimited internet data usage, you could of course use your phone for all of the activities you may currently use other devices, such as laptop, tablet or pc to perform.

Do you have a love for pyrotechnics? Are you a science junky who cannot get enough of science? Maybe you are one to explore and get messy with science because you simply crave more each day. If this is you, then you likely have your hands (literally) in science each and every day. Whether it is a school club that meets every other Thursday, or perhaps just something in science class, you might just be one of those people who get excited about science. There is no shame or anything in that, but it is something you should notice and pick up on.

Think about how this can translate for your future. Does the field of aerospace pyrotechnics interest you? What other areas peak your interest? Maybe in science it is more the realm of biology and medical type of things. Maybe you have thought about being a vet technician when you grow up, or to be a medical assistant say at a hospital or doctor’s office. Science is all around you if you just look for it. You may even use science more than you know!

Careers in science start from all kinds of beginnings, and for all kinds of reasons. Think about what motivates you, what gives you a drive to do what you do. Then take that passion, that drive and put it aimed at a goal. You are sure to get awfully close to that goal now that you have so much fuel and ammunition backing it. Was it a life event that maybe spurred something inside of you to push you towards science? Do you want to cure a disease? Have you seen heartbreak in the world and you want to fix it? Maybe you want to do something just because you think it would be cool and you want to be the first to do it. Hey, there are prizes and awards for scientists these days! What do you want to do? Finding out what your passion and drive is, is key to winning in life. It is they key of what it takes for you to be successful. If you are not sure where to start, begin with what you enjoy doing, or what you are good at. Pay attention to what people compliment you on, and that might be the first precursor to hone in on what you are truly good at by your God-given gifts.

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